​​Connecting to the image:

  1. Type in your UTS username
  2. From the sessions list on the bottom select SSW-S10
  3. Type in your password
  4. When the image loads, select the SSW_S2010 account
  5. The password is Pass@word01

Shortcut to this page http://bit.ly/utssql ​​

 SQL Server 2012 for Developers

Part Session Hands-on Lab Slides Resources
A 1: SQL Server 2008 Management Studio 01_ManagementStudio_Lab.doc 01_ManagementStudio_v6.ppt LabScripts.zip
2: T-SQL Enhancements
3: High Availability
4: CLR Integration
5: Full Text Search
SQL Server Glossary
B 1: SSIS and Creating a Data Warehouse 06_DWCreateScript.sqlDWCreateScript
2: OLAP - Creating Cubes and Cube Issues
3: Reporting Services
4: PowerView PowerPivot
5: Data Mining MovieClickDB.zip10_MovieSample.zip