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Position: Senior Web Designer

Qualifications: Barchelor of Advertising, Multimedia Diploma, Adobe Web Softwares Certificate, Desktop Publish Certificate, Photography Certificate

Location: Other

Skills: CSS; HTML5; Adobe Illustrator; Photoshop; UX
jQuery; Adobe Premiere Pro; Angular


Tiago is our favourite creative genius. When he told us he was moving from Australia, we said: "Ok, but you're still working remotely for us". We couldn't let him go. After a few years in Brazil, he now lives and works in Canada.

Tiago is a creative individual who enjoys a challenge. He has ten years experience working as a designer for both print and web projects. He also loves spending time playing with Photoshop and creating WordPress websites while listening to old songs. Here are some of his skills:

  • Development of Internet/Multimedia solutions, ranging from concept, project, layout, development, and implementation;
  • Image editing and optimization aiming usage at either printed or digital media;
  • Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, XHTML, CSS and jQuery

Besides SSW's design enhancement projects, Tiago's past clients include Energy Australia, FastAs, WorleyParsons, The Home Loan Company and Carmody Group.

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Tiago's CSS quick tip

Did you know you can combine properties?

Some properties as padding, margin, and border have been split. For example, padding has padding-top, padding-right, padding-bottom, and padding-left. If the possibility exists, you should always combine these properties, making it easier to edit and saving you space too:

padding-left:0 ;  padding-top:20px;  padding-bottom:25px;  padding-right:4px;


padding:20px 4px 25px 0;

When the bottom/top values are the same and the left-right values as well, you can optimize it even more:

padding-top:10px;  padding-bottom:10px;  padding-left:0 ;  padding-right:0px;


padding:10px 0;