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Position: Senior Web Designer

Qualifications: Barchelor of Advertising, Multimedia Diploma, Adobe Web Softwares Certificate, Desktop Publish Certificate, Photography Certificate

Location: Other

Skills: CSS; HTML5; Illustrator; Photoshop; UX
jQuery; Premiere; SharePoint / Office 365


​​Tiago is our favourite creative genius. When he told us he wanted to move back to Brazil, we said "Ok, but you're still working for us". We couldn't let him go.

Tiago is a creative individual who enjoys a challenge. He has five years experience working as a designer for both print and web projects. He also loves spending time playing with Photoshop while listen to old songs. Here are some of his skills:

  • Development of Internet/Multimedia solutions, ranging from concept, project, layout, development and implementation;
  • Image editing and optimization aiming usage at either printed or digital media;
  • Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Silverlight, CorelDraw, XHTML, CSS and JQuery

Besides SSW's design enhancement projects, Tiago's past clients include Energy Australia, FastAs, WorleyParsons, The Home Loan Company and Carmody Group.

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Tiago's CSS quick tip

Did you know you can combine properties?

Some properties as padding, margin and border have been split. For example, padding has padding-top, padding-right, padding-bottom and padding-left. If the possibility exist, you should always combine these properties, making it easier to edit and saving you space too.

      padding-left:0 ;  padding-top:20px;  padding-bottom:25px;  padding-right:4px;
padding:20px 4px 25px 0;

When the bottom/top values are the same and the left-right values as well, you can optimize it even more:

      padding-top:10px;  padding-bottom:10px;  padding-left:0 ;  padding-right:0px;
padding:10px 0;