Long Live SSW!




Position: Solution Architect

Qualifications: Bachelor of Tech. (Computer Sci. & Engg.)

Location: Brisbane

Skills: .NET Core; Azure; TFS; Hyper V; Scrum; Angular
.NET MVC; CSS; HTML5; jQuery; SQL; React


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Partho has shipped a variety of products during his 14 years at Microsoft. He was the Engineering Manager for Azure DevOps Release Management v1 & Log analytics & search services. Prior to that he helped ship VS Platform, Hyper-V, Silverlight/Compact Framework runtimes, J# language tools, MSBuild, MSI, etc. products.

He has in depth experience on building secure & scalable services on Azure. His current area of focus is shipping snappy modern front-end using Angular & NgRx.

He is passionate about core engineering skillsets: TDD, Refactoring, Pair Programming, Emergent Design, Legacy code refactoring. He loves to mix and match OO and FP depending on the problem at hand. He is fluent in F#/C#/TypeScript/PowerShell.

In his spare time, he enjoys investigating and hacking the inner workings of his mind.

He stays in Brisbane with his owner, Kittu (a feisty​ grey tabby).