yes, "goto" exists in c#... no, it should never be used



Position: Solution Architect

Qualifications: Certified Scrum Master

Location: Sydney

Skills: Azure; Angular; .NET Core; Universal Windows Platform (UWP built on XAML); Scrum; .NET MVC
HTML5; CSS; TFS; Mobile - React Native; Mobile - Ionic; React

​​​​Liam Elliott is a Solution Architect with SSW. He is a certified Professional Scrum Master with experience across the media, telecommunications, foreign exchange, and HR sectors.

Liam's currently projects include ASP.NET Core Web Api's with Angular 6 front-end. Leveraging technologies like EF Core and SignalR to provide the clients rich user experiences.

With an initial focus on WPF and desktop applications, I have been in the .NET world for well over 12 years. Starting out in .NET 2.0, adopting the benefits of each new release and most recently moving into .NET Core. The introduction of rich Javascript frameworks opened my eyes to what can be achieved in the browser and  these days I've transferr​ed my UI development efforts into the web.

My first memories of programming a computer were on the  Comodore 64 (with line numbers and Goto statements everywhere), by the time I was in year 6, I was hacking away at Snake, and Gorillas in QBASIC, creating new levels, accelerator keys, and infinite lives.

Outside of work, I wind down either running the trails in the national park, or photographing the natural beauty of the environment, or I can be found perfecting (and drinking) my next homebrew.