You know what they say, one person's code is another person's legacy? Let's try to avoid that



Position: Software Architect

Qualifications: BITS

Location: Melbourne

Skills: .NET Core; Node.js; .NET MVC; JavaScript
.NET EF Core; Angular; JavaScript; jQuery; Microsoft Teams; React; SQL; SharePoint; Azure DevOps; CSS; Scrum

​​​Alex is a .NET Developer with over 5 years of experience consulting on a variety of companies that specialized in Financial Technology, Market Research, Logistics, Construction and Real-Estate to name a few. Always interested in an opportunity to hone his skills, Alex is always up to try new and exciting technologies and challenges to be on the cutting edge, and to help others along the way.​

Alex has worked from single-person start-ups to leading a team of developers in building new and exciting products for clients in industries of different forms. ​His main focus is to make sure the team is equiped for the task and that the clients are involved in being part of the solution building process.